The symbolism of purple

In addition to the symbolism of the unicorn, this concept is also based on the meaning of the colour purple. Purple is traditionally the colour of royalty because the first dyes that produced this colour were too expensive for anyone else to buy. Although purple clothing and accessories are now available to almost everyone, we still associate the colour with royalty and rarity. Purple unicorns are not just unusual or rare, they are absolutely unique. Lighter shades of purple are also associated with femininity or a softer side. This is reflected in the loving and caring side of the ideal man described by this term in the dating scene.

How the purple unicorn man helps business

Although it is a common slogan in the dating world, the meaning of the purple unicorn has migrated to the business world as well. When a recruiter or HR specialist deplores the hunting of the horned beast, they are referring to a candidate who meets a seemingly impossible combination or requirement for a job. Many managers and bosses end up pushing their recruiters to find purple unicorns because they are asking for a mix of characteristics that few, if any, candidates will actually have all at the same time. If you are a purple unicorn in the business world, you can expect to:

  • The possibility of asking for a higher salary
  • Additional work and responsibilities are imposed on you by the same people who have created a position that is almost impossible to fill.
  • Finding a job in your field is relatively easy
  • The admiration or envy of your colleagues and co-workers
  • Other unusual meanings to keep in mind.

In general, the unicorn meme is related to rarity. It is a quick way of indicating that something is very unlikely to happen. Of course, being called a purple unicorn is a compliment, whether it comes from your loved one or the recruiting officer in your position. Keep in mind that it’s hard to live up to people’s expectations when they are so enchanted by you that they call you a mythical creature to your face. Being put on a pedestal can ruin a relationship or make a job harder to maintain in the long run.

unicorn purple


The rare purple unicorn in the dating world.

Calling someone a unicorn gives a sense of mystery and means they stand out from the crowd. When you add a rare colour like purple, the person in question must be one in a million. Both men and women use the term “purple unicorn” to describe potential matches, usually men, who combine all the best characteristics in one dynamite package. A purple unicorn man is wealthy, educated, funny and a good listener. While some people enthusiastically call their friends to pretend they met a real purple unicorn on their last date, it is also used sarcastically to describe someone who is looking for a partner so perfect that the idea is unrealistic. Purple unicorn hunters often remain single because of their hyper-focus on perfection and their inability to commit to a real person.