Giant unicorn pinata

If you’re planning a unicorn themed party, a giant unicorn pinata is a must-have. This fun and festive decoration will add some magic to your celebration, and it’s sure to be a hit with kids and adults alike.



At our online store, we have a wide variety of unicorn pinatas to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a large unicorn pinata to make a big impact at your party, or a smaller one for a more intimate gathering, we have something for everyone.

Our unicorn pinatas come in a variety of styles and designs, so you can find the perfect one to fit your party theme. We have traditional pull pinatas, as well as more unique options like a unicorn head pinata or a unicorn pinata with a stick for hitting.

And the best part? Our unicorn pinatas are already filled with treats, so you don’t have to worry about filling them yourself. Just hang them up and let the fun begin!


Unicorn Pinata Filling Ideas

A unicorn pinata is a fun and festive addition to any party, and there are many different things you can use to fill it. Some ideas for filling a unicorn pinata include:

  • Small toys, such as plastic animals, bouncy balls, or miniature games
  • Candy and sweets, such as lollipops, gummy bears, or chocolate coins
  • Stickers, temporary tattoos, or other small party favors
  • Confetti, streamers, or other fun party decorations

When choosing what to put in your unicorn pinata, consider the age and interests of the guests at your party. You may want to include a mix of items to appeal to a wide range of people, or you may want to focus on a specific theme. For example, you could fill your unicorn pinata with a variety of unicorn-themed items, such as unicorn stickers, rainbow-colored candy, and plastic unicorns.

Whatever you decide to put in your unicorn pinata, make sure to have plenty of fun and enjoy the party!

How to make a unicorn pinata with cardboard


To make a unicorn pinata with cardboard, you will need the following materials:

  • Cardboard, such as a large cardboard box or sheets of cardboard
  • Scissors or a box cutter
  • Tape or glue
  • Crepe paper or tissue paper in various colors
  • String or ribbon

Here are the steps to make a unicorn pinata:

  1. Cut out the shape of a unicorn from the cardboard. You can use a pre-made template or create your own design. The unicorn should have a large body, a long neck, and a small head with a horn.
  2. Cut out the shape of the unicorn’s mane and tail from the crepe or tissue paper. You can use a variety of colors to create a rainbow effect.
  3. Attach the mane and tail to the unicorn’s body using tape or glue.
  4. Cut out two holes on either side of the unicorn’s body, near the top. These will be used to insert the candy or other treats into the pinata.
  5. Cover the entire unicorn with a layer of crepe or tissue paper, using tape or glue to secure it in place. This will help to smooth out any uneven surfaces and give the pinata a more finished appearance.
  6. Tie a long piece of string or ribbon through the holes on the sides of the unicorn’s body. This will be used to hang the pinata at the party.
  7. Fill the unicorn pinata with candy or other treats through the holes on the sides of the body.
  8. Close the holes with tape or glue, and your unicorn pinata is ready to use! To break open the pinata, guests can take turns hitting it with a bat or stick until the treats fall out. Have fun and enjoy your unicorn pinata!