Do you want to be associated with power? Will you want to exude influence and power as an Identity? Will you like your brand or organization or perhaps anything you do to be associated with influence and power? Then this article is a must-read for you. It briefly introduces to the Unicorn and Scotland and how they relate; Gives you a fresh perspective on the Ecclesiastical value and Power Unicorn and Scotland; provides you with the opportunity to tap into the power and symbolism of Unicorn and Scotland.


a statue of an unicorn in scotland


The Unicorn is referred to as a supernatural creature and most often represented as a horse with a single straight horn projecting from its forehead. Scotland is a country made up of island with capital at Edinburgh that is part of the United Kingdom. Since the seventeen century, the unicorn has been the national symbol of Scotland used by the Kings of Scotland. The use of this creature as a national symbol was to represent the very character of the value system of the country and confirmed by different sources


The Ecclesiastical value and Power Unicorn and Scotland

The Bible widely regarded as a holy book referred to the Unicorn severally The means creature existed before now and could have been estimated by unfriendly environmental factors like other species that have gone into extinction and not a fairy tale. Over time the bible is regarded and has been proved to collaborate science and historical fact.

At a time scientist were confuse about the galaxy and they maintain that the earth is hanging upon nothing like persecuted. Today the true nature of the earth and galaxy has been revealed and it is in tandem with the ageless position of the bible as stated in Job 26:7(King James) that the earth hangs upon nothing Archaeological discovery has also collaborated the Bible as scripture that foretells the future accurately.



Qualities of the Unicorn Alluded to in the Bible are:

  • Numbers 23:22 and Numbers 24:8 – Strength   
  • Deuteronomy 33:17 – Glory, Royalty  and splendour
  • Job 39:9 and Job 39:10 — Service  
  • Psalm 22:21 – Lion–Like(lionic) leadership attributes
  • Psalm 22:21 – Vigour that wears out the opposition   
  • Psalm 92:10- Celestial Approval
  • Isaiah 34:7 – Divine judgment, equity, fairness, restitution and human right to mention but a few 


the unicorn in bible


How the Unicorn and Scotland Relates.

The Unicorn is considered the most wondrous of all mythical creatures; a symbol of the supernatural, wonders, and enchantment. The mystical powerfully pleasing and appealing unicorn is associated with Scotland in so many ways. Besides featuring in its coat of arm in the double portion it shows clearly that it has a higher degree of commitment to the above-listed attribute distilled from the bible the oldest scripture.

Scotland today can safely be said to represent Strength, Glory and splendour, Service. Lion–Like(lionic) leadership attributes, Vigour that wears out the opposition. Celestial Approval – Divine judgment, equity, fairness, restitution and human right to mention but a few.


an unicorn of a royal navy ship

Opportunity to associate with the Power symbolism of Unicorn and Scotland.

The product and services in today’s world are driven by value and symbolism captured in brand differentiation. There is a watch you wear it stands you in the class of your own. Some cars speak volume about who you are. Some products introduce you as powerful and influential! Kindly examine and experience the Power Symbolism of the Unicorn and Scotland .

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