Rainbow wall stickers

A multitude of designs with the intention to adapt flawlessly to your needs. Some colourful and personalised illustrations one-of-a-kind for you. Your little lady room will look stunning with these rainbow wall stickers.




Why do you have to buy some rainbow wall stickers?

Please test out our rainbow stickers collection. Find personalized decals with a customized name, incredible children’s illustrations or 3d  to enhance any corner or bedroom of your house with our favourite symbol.

Buying a rainbow wall sticker you’ll mild up the partitions of your kids’ room. They are easy to remove the vinyl, very durable and clean to get rid of if it’s necessary. Bedroom’s wall. These rainbow wall stickers,3d style, personalized, the best quality rainbow types of vinyl for your daughter room.

Decorating the wall with these rainbow wall stickers is the easiest and quicker way to completely change a wall that has been painted with a flat colour and add a unique style to your home or workspace.

Our decals are specially designed to stick to walls and can be applied to any flat surface you want to transform, such as a ceiling, door, mirror, glass, cabinet, furnishings, metal or even to decorate bathroom tiling. Our wall stickers use a high-quality adhesive that sticks securely to slippery areas and can be easily removable without leaving any sticky rests.

Of course before placing one of these great vinyl you have to prepare the area where you are going to place. If it is a tile is better to clean it with a product cleaner or even alcohol. Then dry and remove the remains of the cleaner if there are any remains and with the area completely dry we will place it.
Now the important thing is that the hated bubbles do not appear so help you with a rag or a plastic piece that while you are placing you can go eliminating the small air bubbles that may appear. Then with a rag make sure that everything is well stuck and have not left any gaps.

How to apply rainbow wall stickers?