Nicorn fish, also known as Unicorn Fish, belongs to the genus Naso. Mostly these types of fishes are found in the tropical into-Pacific region. The unicorn has been kids favorite for many decades, and most of the time, they love to watch it on different cartoon networks.

Unicorn Fishes comprise sharp forwarding-pointing spines that make it different from other fishes. It also contains a tail shaft and a long spine. Although it’s a legendary creature, but people love to see it due to its frontal horn.


unicorn fish naso


If you are looking for a perfect gift for your kids, then Unicorn fish can be an ideal present for them. Depending on the appearance, this fish looks super cute and is available in different colors.

Most people get attracted by its frontal horns, which comes from the forehead. That can grab the attention of women and kids, as well. These fishes are also known as marine fishes that belongs to the family Acanthuridae. However, these types of fishes can be found in India or the Pacific Ocean.

As compared to other fishes, Unicornfish has the ability to change colors. This also depends on the mood of the fish and also on the environment. The unicorn has been kids favorite for many decades because it has a different color and looks more appealing, then other fishes.

Not just that, these fishes have a unique appearance; that is why many manufacturers use the shape to design different toys that can become a kid’s favorite. The unique thing about this fish is that it can grow 51-61 cm. The horn length of this fish is around 13 cm in length.


unicorn fish habitat


Why are they called unicorn fish?

Unicorn is identified by the bony horns, and that can be found in front of the eye. As compared to other fishes, it is colorful and comes with many amazing features. Sometimes unicorn fishes can be aggressive and defensive as well.

These types of fishes have huge corns, which makes them different from other fishes. Furthermore, unicorn fish belong to the Naso genus, and that’s how this fish got the name Unicorn. Other than that, it also contains protruding rostrums, which also makes it different from other fishes.

The most favorite fish among them is an orange-spined unicorn. Even if you have toddlers in your house, then orange-spined unicorn can be the perfect gift for them. You can get different types of unicorn toys available in the market.


unicorn orange spine fish


Fun facts about unicorn fishes

    • Not all the fishes come with unicorn horns, and that is how they are different from other fishes because they contain large horns in front of their faces.
    • Unicornfish is known as the most attractive fish because of the horns.
    • This fish has the ability to change its color depending on the environment and mood.
    • It doesn’t use horns for defense because, most of the time, use sharp tail spines.
    • In the case of toys, it can be the best gift for toddlers.


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