As a little girl, you probably got one of the best toy gifts from a loved one; a unicorn doll. You loved this toy, played with it and took it with you everywhere.

According to legends, the unicorn lived and thrived in the northern continents some centuries ago. In fact, there are tales from the far east, North Africa and Europe with different descriptions and events centred around the existence of this magical creature.



Alongside the dragon, phoenix, and giant tortoise, the unicorn is one of the four magical creatures that symbolizes knowledge, wisdom and magic. The Asians call the Unicorn Ki Lin or Chi Lin as the creature was seen as a bearer of glad tidings, good fortune and a prosperous future in view.

The Asians believe that at the birth of Confucius, the unicorn came visiting with a piece of imperial jade in its mouth, which signified that great things will come from the birth of a young Confucius.


Whatever its origin, the truth is that it was believed that unicorns were immortal and that weren’t able to get old. They also had a special resistance to magic, being immune to spells and poisons. Another relevant characteristic was its magical horn that could heal wounds with a simple touch. This wonderful magic allowed them to use teletransportation to run away from any danger as well.



The origin of Unicorn is a protagonist of numerous stories and legends. In the middle age was considered as a wonderful animal able to defeat physically stronger animals for example, elephants.

The Unicorn is a gentle creature that avoids confronting or stepping on other smaller creatures in its way. And  is a natural-born leader of animals. Lastly, the unicorn is probably the hardest animal to catch since it can also fly at an astonishing speed.


So do unicorns really exist?


The unicorn, that mysterious and elusive horse with a horn, is worldwide known to all, today it is considered an animal of legend, at the same level as other fantastic creatures such as the gryphon. It appears in many books throughout history and where it is most mentioned in the Middle Ages but it also appears on papyrus from Ancient Egypt or even in distant lands like India.
The unicorn is everywhere and therefore some people wonder if it is a fabulous creature existed. But what do we know about this mythical animal?
The first versions of unicorns appear in 400 BC in the hand of the Greek historian Teseas, was represented differently from the current had a horse body with a purple head and light blue eyes intense and a white head horn with a red tip. In the Middle Ages, this legendary creature was considered as real although with the peculiarity that it was not easily seen and therefore its hunting was extremely difficult.

It could only be hunted when it was taken by a virgin woman at that the animal was more vulnerable. The unicorn represented strength, motive by which they appeared on emblems and shields. It was represented differently from the current one, it resembled a small horse of white colour that meant grace and purity, its legs were of antelope, eyes and beard of a goat, lion’s tail and with a longhorn in the forehead.


unicorn and virgin


To the horn of the unicorn are attributed magical powers, being able to make drinkable poisoned water and to cure any disease by more serious that this one was, is for that reason that the horn was very coveted reaching a very high price. Although we now know that they were narwhal tusks.

 So is there any physical evidence to reveal that they existed?

We could say yes and no according to scientists at Toms State University in Russia, who claim to have discovered the skull of a Siberian unicorn some 29,000 years ago. However, its appearance was very different from the image we have of unicorns. This animal is called the Siberian Elasmotherium and was more like a rhinoceros than a unicorn, it was enormously hairy and had a large square and pointed horn. It was two metres high, 4.5 metres long and weighed around 4 tonnes.

The Siberian unicorn lived in an area of Pakistan called Pavlodar, being the last refuge of this species since in the rest of the continent had become extinct 350,000 years ago. Scientists theorize on the possibility that fossils of this species have originated the myth of the unicorn, in the same way, that there are dinosaur fossils like the triceratops that were confused with the mythical gryphon. So in a way, we could say that if unicorns existed or at least the animal that gave birth to the myth of the unicorn.

Elasmotherium sibiricum


There are very few creatures that have captured and enamoured our hearts like the magical Unicorn. Maybe it’s the rarity, grandness or stories, but unicorns will forever hold a dear place in every girl’s heart. This is why, at Unicorn and the rainbow, we are happy to share with you, all the best and latest products about unicorns and rainbows. Now it’s time to choose one of you two favourites things in life, unicorns or rainbows. It’s up to you.

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