Rainbow backpacks

Rainbow Backpacks is dedicated to providing beautiful, unique bags that can be enjoyed by girls everywhere.





Our mission is to ensure the right attitude for children starting at birth. The world is full of pink and teal, girly and hot pink and everything in between. It is time that this got a makeover and every child deserves a chance to experience life fully without fear or restraint. With the colors that inspire us, we have designed a brand of toys that will be bright, happy and full of color.

Rainbow school backpack is designed to empowering young girls through inspiring them with her own ideas. We believe that girls deserve the chance to explore their own passions and be creative, whether that be with arts and crafts, with music, with makeup, with sports or with school. Every child deserves a chance to play, learn, grow and enjoy doing the things they love. These models and designs of  girls school backpack is here to allow girls the freedom to reach their dreams.

Rainbow chequered backpack features a rainbow backpack that can be worn as a bag, a fashionable purse or a fashionable tote. Each product in the line features a beautiful soft design that is made to look good while being functional. The designs are all over the board from butterflies, fairies, princesses to school and city designs. They also feature various different sizes that are sure to accommodate most kids.

Kids rainbow backpack also features an adorable teddy bear on the front that is sure to bring a smile to any little girl’s face. The personalized backpacks are also available in numerous colors including pink, purple, lime green and yellow. There are many sizes that are sure to accommodate most kids. You can choose from a medium size to a small size.

All these girls school backpack comes with a special friendship pocket that allows your kids to show their school spirit to their friends. All the colors of the rainbow are available in this pocket along with various other colors. The girl’s backpack is perfect to bring your kids to the mall, to the park, to the gym or just out for the afternoon. This is a bag that will always be around as long as your kids are still young.

Our rainbow backpack collection is designed for all lovers of the magical world of rainbows. These colourful items are ideal for school, kindergarten or even for children’s travel evenings. In this article, we will introduce you to some aspects of these fantastic products.


This is a good question. Our rainbow backpacks are so cute with all their animated features. Yes, these items will definitely bring a lot of fun to your child. He will be proud to have one and will never leave it. In fact, such an item will give children an impressive style that will make them stand out among their friends. Children might even consider themselves a rainbow with these products.

You should not forget that our rainbow backpack is also lightweight. Your children will have no problem using and handling them every day. In addition, they are very practical because you can put everything you need in them. Our products are quite large and fit like a standard binder, lunch bag or cot.

Your children will love receiving a rainbow backpack because of the fascinating effect it produces. In other words, they will experience a fairytale adventure every day with these items, and their imagination will take them to another realm. After all, every child dreams of living in the beautiful world of the rainbow.


The fabric of our rainbow backpack is soft and smooth against your child’s tender skin. It may be a detail, but it makes a big difference. They’re fun to hold and very easy to handle. And if your baby is tired after a long day, they can even use them as a pillow. Remember, a small child falls asleep easily and these items will come in handy anytime.

The shoulder straps of these beautiful backpacks are adjustable to provide maximum comfort for the user. We have not neglected this aspect because we want you to have the best product available. They are also padded to avoid pressure in certain areas and not compress the body. When purchasing, we strongly recommend that you choose the right size for you to avoid any mistakes.

Some of our items have a rainbow design. This is great because your child will have a backrest and a toy at the same time. In this way, your child can play with his rainbow backpack if he wants to. He will never feel lonely thanks to the rainbow, which can be considered as one of his most faithful friends.


Our rainbow backpacks are made of quality materials. We use polyester and fleece fabrics for most of our items. You don’t have to worry about their durability because they will last for years. Our products are very durable and do not degrade over time.

In addition, the value for money of our items is unbeatable. You can get a high-quality backpack without spending much if you shop on our site. So, even if you have a small budget to buy a new original backpack for your child, you can buy one from our online shop.

This is undoubtedly the most stylish and useful backpack you can find on the market today. The magic of our rainbow backpack can literally turn a bad mood into a happy moment for the wearer. Everyone around you will feel a wave of happiness just by standing next to you with your rainbow item.

Our rainbow backpacks do not require any special treatment to avoid stains. They can be hand washed to remove dust. We also recommend air drying to maintain your item and make it look its best.


Although a rainbow backpack is usually used by children, that doesn’t mean you can’t get one for your own needs. Our online shop has models for adults, with many colours and shapes to choose from. Age is not a limitation. For example, you can buy the rainbow backpack for girls in white, pink or mixed shades. It will be a good way to reflect your personality through your bag.