Unicorn café

This will probably be the most cloying thing you’ll see today. If you like the fantasy world and always see life in pink, then you will desire to go to the “Unicorn Café Bangkok”, Silom’s original unicorn-themed bar, in Bangkok (Thailand). It is inspired by the animated television series: “My Little Pony”.




As soon as you enter, the pink will pop your eyes. Everything is painted in pastel hues, with representations of rainbows or heart-shaped balloons: the walls, the furniture (couches, pouffes or seats) and even the menu. As for the different gastronomic offer, you can try from spaghetti to rainbow carbonara, through fried potatoes finished with strawberry sauce or bubble gum pink shakes, to hamburgers adorned with a unicorn horn.
This Coffee shop is now one of those places that are not needing among those who are looking for the funniest photo on Instagram in their account, and as a good cafeteria that is, there is no lack of hot drinks or desserts. Of course, the cakes are just as cheesy and decorated, related to the colourful unicorns, as the local itself, so you will see many sweet cakes with this unicorn spectrum tones there, as well as tableware halfway between spoons and magic wands Very particular. To that we must add dishes in the shape of stars and hearts, waffles with ice cream, creamy biscuits … and frappé is the favourite drink and most demanded because they put it in star-shaped glasses.




Unicorn Café features multiple cushions in the shape of ponies and unicorns on a “real” scale so that customers can caress these soft mythological beings or sit comfortably while having a snack. Besides, for all those who want to step into the skin of a unicorn for a day, they can rent the costumes offered by the business. These themed venues have become very fashionable and people can not help to post a selfie on their Instagram to prove that it has been there. This type of paraphernalia is very common and very popular among the youngest. For example, in Japan, there is also the Pikachu café (temporarily open between July and August 2017, where the exhibition “Pikachu The Movie XY” is shown) and the Kirby café (opened in August this year).


The prices of dishes and drinks are affordable, around 3 euros each, making it perfect to go to a curious snack if you are travelling through Bangkok and looking for unique places that are out of the ordinary. How to go to Unicorn Cafe in bangkok? Just go to the Bang Rak district of the Thai capital.



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