How to organize the best birthday unicorn party ever

Your daughter’s birthday party is coming up, and you can’t think of any original ideas for her? She has told you that her classmate had the best party in the world, and you want her to remember that day forever and enjoy the best day ever with her friends. We are of course the biggest fans of unicorns and rainbows, but we really believe that opting for a unicorn party is the best idea you can have.

So, without further ado, we are going to recommend you the best articles or ideas to make the party of your little unicorn and her friends unforgettable.

Unicorn balloons

A party is not a party without balloons, and obviously, if we are talking about a unicorn themed party, you can’t miss some wonderful unicorn balloons. You can try drawing some of them with your daughters and keep them entertained, or take a look at these unicorn balloons that will definitely blow your daughter and her friends’ minds. Don’t be surprised when your daughter’s friends want to take all the balloons as a souvenir when the party is over.


unicorn ballons



Unicorn Party Invitations

First, think about the details before the party. How about preparing some personalized invitations for the friends at school. You can go to Pinterest and see some tutorials on how to make them yourself or if you don’t have much time, you can use some of these templates. The look of excitement on the faces of your daughter’s friends when they open the invitation at school is priceless. It will be the first step towards having the best party ever, especially if it’s about unicorns.






Unicorn Piñatas

And how about filling a piñata and letting the girls try to break it, with this tradition of Chinese and then Mexican parties, you are sure to have a good time and the party will not let up at any time. One of these unicorn pinatas is a must at any birthday party. It’s a game for boys and girls of all ages, and you can fill them with sweets, little surprises or any idea you can think of to make your guests happy, be part of this wonderful tradition and get one of these unicorn piñatas.



unicorn pinata birthday

Unicorn cake decoration

To decorate the unicorn cake you will need several items that will help you to achieve the wow effect you are looking for on your daughter and her friends. So just by baking a good cake and using white fondant and then using these unicorn cake decorating sets, you can achieve a relatively luxurious finish with relatively little effort. This is one of the key points of the party, so we can’t go wrong :).
For this type of unicorn cake, you can also buy one of these unicorn horns as the icing on the cake, your daughter will be thrilled!


unicorn cake decorations


Unicorn party backdrop

If you’ve never thought of one of these before, this is a relatively new product for children’s birthday parties. It consists of a backdrop like the ones photographers use for photoshoots but themed with a unicorn motif. We know that most little girls, and more and more little girls, have their own mobile phones and love to take selfies with their friends. So one of these unicorn backdrops will be a great idea to gradually achieve with all the other tips the desired unicorn party. They are excellent value for money, and you can use them for other types of parties in the summer or Christmas or other events with children.

unicorn party background



Unicorn dress

If you want a perfect evening we have to know that the protagonist in this unicorn party has to shine over the others, and this you will get with one of our unicorn dresses. Take a look at the incredible range of products we have on offer to make your little princess the star of the party.


 Girls Unicorn Dress


Unicorn decoration lights

Step by step we are getting all the details of the party covered. To get the final finishing touches and to give a unique atmosphere to the room where you are going to celebrate the birthday, you should consider some of these unicorn lamps. You can use them as gifts and also use them on the day of the party and then use them to decorate your daughter’s room, also take a look at our rainbow lights, you know that on our website unicorns and rainbows are closely related. You can also use one of these curtains from Amazon to give a magical and amazing look to your child’s room that they will never forget. They will think they are in a fairy tale.


unicorn Lights Led String 



Unicorn Party Game, Pin The Horn on The Unicorn

Like the unicorn piñata game, consider buying one of these games to keep the kids entertained. This old-fashioned unicorn version of pin the tail on the donkey game is perfect for the unicorn party you are organizing and as you know parents want the kids to be playing while we can chat to the other mums and dads in peace.


Temporary unicorn tattoos

Another good and economical idea is to buy temporary unicorn tattoos for the guests to play with by putting them on their arms. They usually last two or three days depending on how many times they are washed and will be a semi-permanent souvenir of the party where all your daughter’s friends were present. Of course, the material they are made of is safe, and you don’t have to worry about any adverse skin reactions.
You can also use them for other things, like decorating gifts, notebooks or anything else you can think of. There is always room for a unicorn, isn’t there?

Some of them are also phosphorescent, try putting them on and turn off the light in the room and see how they glow in the dark!



Unicorn table cover and table decorations

And last but not least, you will need to dress the table with unicorn glasses for beverages, unicorn plates, unicorn cutlery, unicorn plates and napkins. You can buy them separately, but Amazon has one of these kits I’m bringing you, which have everything you need for the perfect unicorn birthday snack. You’ll get a party worthy of the best Instagram accounts!


table unicorn decoration


And that’s as far as this post goes. We think that with all these ideas about unicorn birthday parties for your daughter you will have more than enough to make her be remembered for many years to come. She will always remember those birthday parties that her mother organized for her and who knows, in the future, remembering these moments, she might organize the same party for one of her daughters in the future (I know it’s a bit early to think about that, let’s enjoy our children).
A hug and hope to see more of you around “The unicorn and the rainbow”.










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