Unicorn Rocking Horses

Are you looking for the perfect gift for Christmas or the birthday of your princess, discover the great assortment of unicorn rocking horses that we offer!



Why do you have to buy a Unicorn rocking horse?

A unicorn rocking horse are the perfect gift for your little girl or boy. This whimsical unicorn rocking horse is an enjoyable way to have a quiet, fun, and safe ride on the curb or in the park without worrying about disturbing the neighbourhood. Rocking horses like these are a great gift because they are very durable and will stand up to regular use.

Very safe and ergonomic for your little toddlers

This toy comes with two easy-grip handles so little fingers can climb on and climb off with ease. It is small and cuddly enough for your child to climb on and then rock it to sleep on, and it has an internal fan that will keep the inside stuffed and the outside beautiful. The inside of the unicorn has a smooth plush surface and an inner rubberized vinyl with durable foam and velour. It also has two-foot pinches and a safety buckle to ensure the toy is safe. The three-point safety harness assures gentle support and provides an extra-large base for stable rides.

Buy one of these musical models of unicorn rocking horses

The unicorn rocking horse also features a horn that is strong enough to make it a good addition to any young girl’s collection. With over 30 songs for the ride along, it is a great way to teach kids about music, nature, and the environment. This toy is perfect for children ages three to seven years old, who will enjoy the gentle sounds as they ride and listen to the enchanting horn. The horn is quiet and gentle and will provide hours of educational songs and enjoyment for children of all ages.

This beautiful rocking toy is a magical addition to any playroom or nursery. The curved frame and rocking handles are crafted from hardwood for a classic finish, while the polished horn and halter details are sure to capture your little one’s imagination.

The Unicorn rocking chair gives children the support they need to swing safely, and it’s lots of fun. The high seat back curves, so your little one is supported on all sides. Comfortable padding and soft plush fabric make this unicorn great.

Exclusively a rocking unicorn could be more charming than a rocking horse. This plush unicorn is soft, cuddly and very cuddly. Little ones can even cover their ears to listen to their unicorn’s neighing and galloping.

The sturdy and durable construction ensures that the rocking unicorn will last for years, making it a wonderful toy for any family.