Making Your Clothes Rainbow-Dyeable

The reason you should dye your clothes is to enhance their appearance in a rainbow of colors. You can choose from several different combinations of dyes and colours. Some types of dyes come in solid colours and some in dots. You can mix two colors together to make a different hue, such as yellow and orange.

You can get dyes in the form of powder at many online stores. However, some people don’t like the powder. In that case, there are dyes in the form of gels and rubbers. Gels are considered to be a more affordable option. Rubbers are less expensive and allow you to mix and match any combination of colours.

  The dyes are mixed in equal parts and applied onto your clothes. It doesn’t matter if they are really just colours or they are natural dyes. Any color you like is possible with dyes. You can combine other types of colour to make a rainbow of colours.

  There are two things you need to remember when mixing colours. First, the colours should complement each other. Don’t mix two similar colours together. Try to mix colours that go well together.

  Second, mix colours that make you feel good about yourself. When you have spent time thinking about and choosing the colours, you will probably want to wear them.

  Just imagine you are sitting at a club that has a colour theme, and each person there are wearing the same colour, from the stars to the dancer, and from the bartender to the owner. Instead of just choosing the colours of your favourite band, choose the colours of your outfit and you are having a rainbow of colours.

  Now you can get your favourite colour with rainbow gels, rubbers and dyes. You are sure to get something good and fit into your closet.


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