Rainbow rugs

Give a unique multicoloured touch to your room’s decoration or your children’s with these rainbow-mounted rugs. We have all types and sizes, you can use them to place next to the bed or to make your son or daughter’s play area more welcoming and warm. It’s the perfect gift for the little ones in the house who don’t like the optimism and variety of colours that a rainbow has.



Why do you have to buy a RAINBOW RUG

In this website as you know, we are fans of unicorns and rainbows, since I was a child I have been fascinated by the magical relationship between the two, I imagined myself riding my unicorn following the trail of an endless rainbow.
So, since we can’t do this, we can collect rainbow carpets so that the first thing we see when we put on our slippers is the optimum colourful rainbow carpet to say good morning to. They are also the perfect complement to any room to dress up any kind of floor. All these models are easy to clean, resistant, easy to fold and unfold when the hottest time of the year starts.

So you know if you want to give your living room, children’s bedroom or playroom a splash of colour, buy one of these rainbow rugs.
If you put it in the play area, your daughter will spend countless hours playing on it, it’s so comfortable that she’ll forget it’s on her, and you’ll also keep her from playing on the cold floor of your house.