Unicorn tears gin

In Firebox farm they have our favourite mythological creatures and make them cry! They extract the fines tears of REAL unicorns and mix them with the best ingredients like bittersweet berries to elaborate an original and delicious formula. This incredible liquor is bottled in a beautiful bottle with the greatest taste and unique design. Everything together makes Unicorn Tears Gin the perfect gift that suits for every occasion, dinners, birthdays and holiday parties.

They have tears from another mythological creature like phoenix tears gin, dragon tears gin, pixie tears gin and mermaid tears gin.



Why do you have to buy a Unicorn Tears gin

If you have to go to a party and you don´t know what to bring or do you want to have some original drink to offer to your house visitors, these unicorn tears pink bottle is a must. They have a magical look and a great design, try to mix it with lemonade or some soft drinks, it will taste amazing.