If you are a fan of unicorns or simply want to surprise your daughter with a different activity, this will not leave you indifferent. We mean how do you feel about making an origami paper unicorn? Discover this ancient technique of making infinite shapes and figures by folding paper but with your favourite magic animal. … Read more

What is a unicorn startup?

In the business world, there is a lot of talk about unicorn startup companies, every entrepreneur is in his search, but what is a unicorn startup company in a business environment?  In November 2013 Aileen Lee, founder of Cowboy Ventures was the  first to introduce the term unicorn which is based on disruptive technology.   … Read more

How Rainbow Is Formed

Even now, rainbows can still be quite a mystery to a lot of people, and one of them might be you. There are a lot of topics that you can talk about when it comes to rainbows, like, how exactly is it formed? How does it relate to other topics such as the bible and … Read more

Unicorn café


This will probably be the most cloying thing you’ll see today. If you like the fantasy world and always see life in pink, then you will desire to go to the “Unicorn Café Bangkok”, Silom’s original unicorn-themed bar, in Bangkok (Thailand). It is inspired by the animated television series: “My Little Pony”.   DO YOU … Read more

What is rainbow bridge for dogs?

pet bridge rainbow

Whether it’s named Heaven, Paradise, Valhalla, Nirvana, Shamyim, Firdaws, Ouranos personally or Tian, they all ask the afterlife, after the person leaves this mortal plane. Down across the ages, there are countless beliefs on where we go we perish and myths. Some think life after death is just too good to be true. Some say … Read more

Making Your Clothes Rainbow-Dyeable

rainbowt shirt diy

The reason you should dye your clothes is to enhance their appearance in a rainbow of colors. You can choose from several different combinations of dyes and colours. Some types of dyes come in solid colours and some in dots. You can mix two colors together to make a different hue, such as yellow and … Read more